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(Friendsome Records)



Paris - FR

Energy, emotions, music brings me so many things
Infected by sounds, beats and grooves since my youth
I've been collecting an djing for many years and never gonna stop
I also think sharing is the most important

Friendsome Records :

Friendsome is a record label and collective aiming to bring joy and happiness to one and all. We are all different but together we stand as one. Old and young, women and men, we are citizens but we are tropical, we like the hard beats of Acid and the happiest grooves of Disco, still we’re together. Together as one.

— We believe in equality between genders – our releases will always alternate between different genders artists, and line ups of our events are always equal too.

— We believe in transgenerational acts, therefore we will release EPs, singles, albums, compilation and collabs by artists of all ages, esstablished and unknown – same with the line ups.

— We believe in helping one another in these particular times. We are working with different NGOs and associations for every releases and events, aiming to donate 20% of all benefits. We will hopefully do more in the future, as we grow.

Friendsome has built itself in the spring of 2018 around close friends and family members from Paris who started making parties in various locations. They got together as all believe in crossing generations ( we go from 19yo to 40+ in our crew ), crossing genders because we stand strongly for man and woman equa- lity, as well as a true care for people, weather rich or poor, black or white, in need of help or whom can give a hand, with or without religion, aware of their sexuality or not... Everybody’s welcome!

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